Are you stranded in Metro Atlanta away from your family, loved ones, or support network? You may qualify for travel assistance to help you return to your support system through HOPE Atlanta. This program assists homeless residents and stranded travelers who need transportation assistance to return to their home communities because remaining in the Atlanta area is not in their best interest. HOPE Atlanta will provide travel accommodations to verified locations where clients families and loved ones are present to pick them up.

Reunification Assistance is available to those who qualify, subject to funding availability.
For pre-screening please contact HOPE Atlanta by calling 404-817-7070 for the reunification program.

InTown Community Ministries

Intown operates five programs to meet the needs of homeless and hungry neighbors in our community. The heart of our work is building a strong community through relationships and mutually transformed lives.

Midtown Assistance
(404) 681-5777

Rent, Identification, MARTA, Men’s Clothing, Food

*No bus tickets. Only MARTA cards*