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Important Financial Documents

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For 117 years, HOPE Atlanta has been the most effective organization in homelessness prevention in the Metro Atlanta area and we are proud
that our admin costs are 7.3% and that 92.7% of our budget goes directly to client services.

Our audited results show that we are continuing to maintain financial stability. We are focused on building toward long-term financial sustainability,
supporting needed and cost-effective services.

About HOPE Atlanta

HOPE Atlanta provides the most comprehensive approach to tackling homelessness in our Atlanta region. We uncover why individuals fall into a distressed state and how to connect them to the right service and support to get back on their feet again. By narrowing in on four key areas, HOPE Atlanta is helping more people out of the cycle of homelessness and on to a path of a stable, healthy life.

Our Housing program offers supportive, transitional and permanent housing along with intensive case management to families, victims of domestic violence, grandparents raising grandchildren, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, the chronically homeless, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Our Outreach team assists unsheltered persons by meeting them where they are, ensuring they access any treatment they need (mental illness, physical health, substance abuse), and access to housing coupled with case management.

This program provides case management, crisis counseling, information and referral, employment assistance, and financial assistance to individuals who need a temporary boost to move beyond a current crisis and prevent eviction or homelessness, including veterans’ assistance.

Emergency Services
The Emergency Services program provides emergency housing as well as transportation assistance and resettlement services for homeless individuals and families and women who have fled domestic violence.

HOPE Atlanta recognizes that we cannot tackle the tremendous issue of homelessness in our region on our own.  We work closely with other nonprofits and partners to provide a continuum of care for clients leading to a greater success rate for those experiencing crisis.  This includes working with MercyCare for healthcare services, First Step Staffing for employment training and placement, Georgia Law Center for the Homeless for legal assistance, Columbia Residential for on-site case management to residents, the Veterans Administration for housing services for homeless veterans, and much more.

Fiscal Year 2018 People Helped

In fiscal year 2019, HOPE Atlanta served 7,994 unduplicated individuals (that’s 6,254 households) in 13 metro counties

1,300 of total individuals served were children under the age of 18

1,000 Veterans were served (or 565 veteran households – families)

700 Persons living with HIV/AIDS were served

More that 15,000 Referrals were sent to local Partner Agencies in Atlanta


Click below to review our Flyer for 2018, for interesting details and data on HOPE Atlanta results. 

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For more information on HOPE Atlanta services
and our yearly progress, take a look at
our most recent Annual Report here.


There are over 5400 homeless in
metro Atlanta who need help.
Help us be there for them. Help today!